504 Plan Template

A lot of people are looking for a 504 Template. We have one you can use as a PDF either by printing it or editing it directly in the PDF form. Again, this is just a template to get prepared and know what to ask, etc. But you should work with your school and understand what their process is.

Download the 504 template here.

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  • Joanna says

    Dear Charlie,

    I have a 10 years old diagnosticaded as gifted when she was 6 and ADHD when she was 9.
    She has been medicated, however still not doing well in school. Lots of teachers frustation. I asked the counsulor of school to guide me on what was the choices to address my daughters problems and she asked me to talk to here doctor. I was lost, very confused. Them I started looking for answers online and here I found yours written post. I just want to let you know that YOU SAVED MY LIFE. Literally I was so lost and you help me to understand almost everything I did not. I ask for a 504 evaluation. The school sent me an evitation for January 15, 2013. I sent an email for the counsulor again asking for her to give us a conference before the 504 meeting. She refused saying that we can ask all questiopns on the meeting. I was very desappointed and I spoke to the principal and he made arregements for us to see that counsulor tomorrow. With all the information I read on your site I will be able to ask the right questions I think and do my best for my daughter to get the help she needs to succeed in school, and most importantly to emotionally and socially progress. So I want to thank you so much for you post. It will make a huge positive impact in our lives, but specially in my sweet daughter’s live. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day!

  • charlie says

    You are welcome! Has your doctor provided you documentation that you need for your school to agree to give you a 504? Your doctor can be a huge asset in this–if they understand 504 plans. Feel free to contact us if you need more help!

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