CDC: Diagnoses Of ADHD Are on the Rise

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.4 million children, or 11 percent of children between the ages of 4 and 17, have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

John Antal, director of Clinical Services at Robert C. Byrd Child & Adolescent …

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Prescribing ADHD drugs for healthy kids? Just say no.

Prescribing psychotropic medications to normal, healthy kids who want to boost their academic performance is “not justifiable” because it contravenes a physician’s responsibility to promote a child’s “authentic” development and to protect him or her against coercion by parents or peers, a group of neurologists …

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Why ADHD is Not Just a Problem for Kids

The effects of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can extend well beyond childhood, according to the latest research.

In the largest study of its kind, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic found that close to a third of children with ADHD — 29.3% — still have …

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Kids With ADHD at Increased Risk for Substance Abuse

Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at significant risk for later substance abuse, new research suggests.

A cohort study of more than 600 children showed that those with a diagnosis of ADHD at baseline (mean age, 8.5 years), regardless of their sex, had significantly higher …

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Misleading Reports Lead to Confusion

The Huffington Post has a very interesting article about the mixed messages coming out from different news and websites:

“ADHD Medications Have Potential Benefits — But Can Be Misused”

“I Have My Child Back — A Story of Successful ADHD Treatment”

“Refining Clinical ADHD Diagnosis — Clarifying an …

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Managing ADHD without Medications

ADHD meds often change a child’s personality — creating what many kids with ADHD (and their parents) refer to as a zombie state or making them more aggressive. But you can reduce the outbursts and increase attention span by teaching them skills they’ll take into …

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Managing ADHD without Medication has a very nice interview with Dr. Stephanie Golder, MA, ThD, a neurofeedback specialist. They discuss how ADHD meds often change a child’s personality — creating what many kids with ADHD (and their parents) refer to as a zombie state or making them more …

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10 Facts You May Not Know About ADHD

When you think about ADHD, what do you imagine? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a stereotypical image of a young boy bouncing off the walls, buzzing with pent-up, unfocused energy.

But many people with ADHD aren’t hyperactive at all, and by the time they …

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Penn to Offer Free Online Class on ADHD

If you’re one of the people who takes the University of Pennsylvania online course “’Pay Attention!!’ ADHD Through the Lifespan,” you will learn that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder isn’t just kid stuff.

Even though between 5 and 8 percent of school-aged children in the United States …

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ADHD may cause issues in adulthood

If children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, continue to have the condition in adulthood, a new study suggests that they may face an array of physical and mental health issues.

The study, which spanned more than 30 years, found that people who had ADHD as teens …

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