San Francisco Chronicle: Two students write letter to the editor about ADHD stigma

classroomTwo high school students, Lillian Van Cleve, 17, and Owen Keith, 18, wrote a heartfelt letter to the San Francisco Chronicle in response to a previous letter to the editor that said ADHD students have an unfair advantage! This letter really strikes a chord and targets what Live ADHD is all about.

Here is part of their response:

While the author rightly criticizes student use of any stimulant or ADHD drug by those who are not diagnosed with ADHD to enhance their performance, and points out that the drugs don’t work unless one has ADHD, she suggests that drug use even by those diagnosed with ADHD somehow gives an unfair advantage.


Accommodations and allowing the use of medication are legally required for students with disabilities. Accommodations are like supplying ramps for wheelchairs, assistive listening devices for the hearing-impaired, glasses for those who need them, or software that reads text aloud for the blind and dyslexic. Accommodations give students with learning disabilities and ADHD an equal opportunity to succeed in an educational environment that caters to a narrowly defined learning style. They level the playing field. They keep us in school.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Read the rest of the article on the Chronicle website.

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